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  • 13 February 2017
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Online journal of social criticism 'Commons' is an independent non-profit edition, which exists at the expense of readers' donations and grant support. Each of your contributions promotes publications of original texts of Ukrainian authors, translations of foreign articles, as well as printing of hard copies of our issues.

We are grateful to everyone who supports our intentions to explore the world around and make it a better place!

The transfer of charitable donations can be carried out as follows:

On the PrivatBank card:

hryvnia: 5168 7422 2998 0812
euro: 4731 2171 1398 0781
Dollar: 4731 2127 0060 9166

Through the WebMoney Transfer system:

hryvnia: U 2396 9203 1991
euro: E 0228 8932 8105
dolar: Z 1263 5602 1055

Through the Yandex money system: 410015033097290

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Хто потурбується? Недитячі проблеми дитсадків в Україні

  • Хто потурбується? Недитячі проблеми дитсадків в Україні

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