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  • 20 February 2018
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The 12th issue of Commons journal to be published at the end of 2018. The working title of our new issue is "Space and Inequality." It is devoted to the geographical inequalities in the social development. The two sides of the process are the metropolis and the extinct village, which embrace numerous forms of spatial differentiation and touch the lives of millions of people. 

We would like to highlight the following aspects: 

· theory of uneven development – radical geography, dependence theory, and contradictions between urban and rural areas; 

· political economy of present-day countryside – trends in the agrarian industry, exploitation of natural resources, inclusion of the agricultural sector in tax evasion schemes, monopolization of the agrarian sector and land grabbing, status of the small landowners and agricultural producers, and possible consequences of lifting the moratorium on land sales;

· education and culture in rural area – schools closure, access to higher education, and impact of decentralization on the villages’ social infrastructure.

· anthropology of the countryside – social portrait of a present-day peasant;

· history of Soviet urbanization – state regulation of the internal migration, urban planning; urbanization and industrialization, special projects: agrotowns, closed cities, single-industry cities (monotowns);

· trajectory of the Ukrainian cities development: which strategies are chosen (industrial, de-industrialized, satellite cities, transport hubs, tourist centers, etc.)?;

· housing and finance –situation of the real-estate sector, housing affordability issues, suspended and unauthorized construction, housing finance;

· urban/rural problems in Ukraine and other post-socialist countries – comparative studies.
We cordially invite you to send your materials that might relate to these topics (but should not be confined solely to them). In addition to analytical articles, Commons journal also publishes reviews, interviews, and photo reports. The authors get rewarded for the publication of their materials. We look forward to your suggestions.

Approximate volume of an analytical article is 20-40 thousand characters. Reviews, interviews, comments on photo reports might be shorter.

All the submitted materials would be subjected to a review process; we would evaluate them according to criteria such as relevance of the themes addressed, completeness of the issue disclosure, accessibility, consistency with the established facts, structural integrity, and methodological adequacy. After reviewing, the materials that do not meet the specified requirements, could be rejected or recommended for finalizing. Therefore, we advise you to familiarize yourself with our recommendations before writing.
Please send your proposals regarding articles (including short annotations) before October 1, 2018 to our editorial e-mail or