Next conference

  • 08 April 2019
  • 5238

On the occasion of our decade anniversary, the Journal of Social Criticism "Commons" launches an annual conference that will gather academics and activists to share their knowledge and experience. We strive to overcome the provinciality of Ukrainian public discussions and the gap between social science and practice of progressive movements. We also want to move away from traditional academicism and to experiment with new formats.

The topic of this year's conference is Ukraine in the context of global changes. The last ten years is also a period of the Great Recession that provoked the rise of left and right populism, revolutions, the wave of migration, etc. There are substantial reasons to believe that world is on the verge of large-scale changes, up to replacement of capitalism with another system. We want to draw attention to such issues and discuss how these processes will affect Ukraine. Therefore, we invite you to a conference to be held on June 8, 2019 in Kyiv.


Planned sections:

Digital technologies and capitalism. Our live is fundamentally changing under the influence of digital technologies. What will be their role in the future? Who can use them more - authoritarian governments to strengthen control, or progressive movements to combat global inequalities? What role in these transformations belongs to capitalism?

Gender and capitalism. The feminist movement in the world is on the rise. Even in Ukraine March 8th demonstration is the largest public event during which anti-capitalist slogans sound openly. However, in the Ukrainian debate, analysis and understanding of the socio-economic origins of gender inequality under capitalism, the link between reproductive labor and capital, gender and class inequalities is still limited. What kind of feminism can offer an effective alternative to the current state of affairs?

Working class. Neoliberalism has changed the social structure and the global economy, and now the automation of production threatens to make the masses of people unemployed. Can an unconditional basic income become a solution in this situation? On whom will progressive forces lean on and which political strategies will be effective? What is the role of trade unions and what is happening with the working class in Ukraine and in the world?

Ecological crisis. Climate changes threaten the survival of humanity and may drastically change world politics soon. Pollution of the oceans and extinction of biological species makes it necessary to transform production and consumption. How to mobilize people around these problems? What policy can be effective for their solution?


Submissions will be accepted by May 13 through editorial e-mail: