About us


The project of Commons/Спільне web site was born in liva_dumka (“left thought”) network, a mailing list for creative and open-minded people  interested in development of leftist theory generally and in a more specific analysis of Ukrainian realities. 

Why commons? A common solution for common problems with a maximum participation of all people concerned: this is what we are striving for. A radically democratic process of  decision making, both in politics and economics, on both local and global levels, should be a basis for modern society that encountered systemic problems of capitalist economics.  It is the idea of commons which is put on the agenda by local grassroot anticapitalist movements that are being born also in Ukraine.

At the same time, we are lacking quality leftist analysis aimed at practical solutions of problems at hand; analysis that would contribute to social struggles here and now, in Ukraine and across the globe. There is a gap between existing leftist theories and practical work of  grassroot social movements, the latter not receiving satisfactory analysis. Local movements often fail to use practical experience and theoretical discussions from other regions of the globe.  At the same time, there is a lack of information in English on important events of grassroot social struggles in Ukraine.  We are very worried about small  quantity of leftist texts in Ukrainian while there is a widespread cliche that “leftist” = “pro-Russian”. We also lack an independent source of information that would be beyond sectarian conflicts caused by petty political ambitions.

The aim of the collective of Commons/Спільне is to fill these gaps on our web site.


1. Non-profit. We do not gain profits from the web site. The value of “commons” is directly embodied in our collective translations and a collective project. The com.ua domain was chosen as a “domain for common use“. Common, contrary to commercial, is the best way to put it.

2. We are primarily interested in the content’s quality rather than quantity. In our opinion, what is lacking at the moment is deep analysis, creativity, and original thought, as opposed to a host of similar articles.

3. Principled non-affiliation to any political party or petty political organizations. A site named Commons should not be a voice of any party or “latent party”.

4. Principled pluralism of theoretical, political, and tactical approach within a common progressive and anticapitalist stance. Among us, there are and there will be no fascists, neoliberals/neocons, or Stalinists. Neither do we aim to develop a narrow-minded and “the only correct” doctrine. We are always ready for a dialog, creative and critical interpretations of the conditions we are living in, as well as the requirements of today’s action.

5. We are interested in provoking discussion rather than blocking it. If a member of our web-site community disagrees with ideas expressed in any of the posted materials, s/he can answer with a  different opinion, her/his own or reprinted from another source. Readers are also welcome to join discussion!

Contact us: editor [] commons.com.ua