Just Transition for Ukraine

Author: Maryna Larina
Editor: Oleksandr Kravchuk
Translator: Yuliia Kulish
Cover and design: Kateryna Gritseva
Illustrations for the chapters: Hanna Ivanenko
Layout: Sofiia Bylym 
Proofreader: Kateryna Ladnova
Infographic: Victoria Prymak, Oleksandr Kravchuk

The brochure is an adapted and updated version of the results of the special project "Just Transition for Ukraine." The publication is dedicated to alternative policies in the energy and climate sectors. It seeks answers to the question of how to effectively combine the actions of the state regulator in transitioning to renewable energy sources while considering the social impacts. 

To this end, the brochure analyzes foreign experiences in energy reforms and compares them with Ukrainian context. It provides an overview of Ukraine's commitments under international climate agreements. The consequences of the degradation of traditional energy industries and coal regions in particular are analyzed. Opportunities for the production of new types of renewable energy and its export orientation are compared. The preconditions for fairer pricing and sustainable development of green energy are considered, and new approaches are proposed.



1. Energy Markets in Ukraine: Liberalization of Electricity and Gas Markets in Ukraine.

2. Electricity Market Reform. The Threat of Deregulation.

3. Renewable Energy in Ukraine: Balancing between Energy Poverty and Climate Change Effects.

4. (Un)just Transition: the Future of Coal Regions in Ukraine.

5. Will Hydrogen Help Save Ukraine from the Climate Crisis and Economic Dependence?

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