Who are we?

The ‘Commons’ journal of social criticism is a left Ukrainian media about economy, politics, history and culture, founded in 2009.

What distinguishes us from other Ukrainian media is the attention to the structural causes of social problems and materialist optics.

The editorial board shares egalitarian and anti-capitalist views. That is why in our publications we discuss how to change society so that there is no room for exploitation, inequality and discrimination.


Editorial team
Taras Bilous
historian, Kyiv
Oleksandr Kravchuk
economist, Kyiv
Viktoriia Muliavka
sociologist, Warsaw
Editorial Board
Denis Gorbach
sociologist, Paris
Oksana Dutchak
socioligist, Kyiv
Alona Liasheva
sociologist, Lviv
Denis Pilash
political scientist, Kyiv
Anastasia Ryabchuk
sociologist, Kyiv
Stas Serhiyenko
historian, Berlin
Vyacheslav Tsyba
philosopher, Kyiv
And also a large team of our authors.
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Online journal of social criticism 'Commons' is an independent non-profit edition, which exists at the expense of readers' donations and grant support. Each of your contributions promotes publications of original texts of Ukrainian authors, translations of foreign articles, as well as printing of hard copies of our issues.

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We are grateful to everyone who supports our intentions to explore the world around and make it a better place!