'Commons' invites authors and translators to cooperate. We will consider with great pleasure both the articles of experienced researchers and publicists and the texts of beginners. The main thing is that the materials meet our basic criteria.What are the main requirements for articles?

  • Relevance. The articles should refer to current events, trends or processes. This does not mean that we refuse to publish translations of classic authors or texts on "eternal themes." The main thing is that the materials have a direct relation to reality, they offer fresh ideas and are informative and interesting.
  • Critical thinking. We try to delve deeper into the structural causes of social processes, rather than reproduce the prevalent surface cliches. At the same time, we do not support unreasonable criticism and expect to see in the texts not only consistent criticism but also suggestions for possible systemic alternatives.
  • Originality. We do not publish texts available on the other resources. However, we welcome proposals for translating interesting texts that were not previously published in Ukrainian or Russian. Also, 'Commons' strongly condemns any ways of plagiarism. Other people's thoughts should be quoted and/or accomplished with the link on a used resource.

What formats of materials do we publish?

  • Blogs, journalistic notes on current, hot topics.
  • Analytical articles, popular texts with an analytical basis.
  • Longreads, articles with in-depth study of the topic and close to the academic format.
  • We are also open to other formats: translations, interviews, reviews, photo galleries, etc.

For all the articles approved by the editorial board, there are money rewards that differ depending on the format and volume of the texts.