• 24 January 2018
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The Journal of social criticism 'Commons' is a Ukrainian left intellectual edition, founded in 2009. We cover a wide range of topics, such as Ukrainian and international politics, economics, education and science, ecology, gender, culture, etc. using modern critical social theories.

During the existence of the Journal, we introduced to the Ukrainian audience a large number of progressive Ukrainian authors, as well as hundreds of articles from well-known foreign scholars and publicists. 'Commons' publishes reviewed analytical articles, interviews, reports, blogs with a subjective view of current events. In addition to regular publications on the site, we publish printed issues of "thick jornal" devoted to specific socio-economic problems and topical political processes.

'Commons' Journal is a non-commercial edition not affiliated with any political party or organization. We are open to authors with different perspectives that offer interesting ideas and socio-critical analysis of current events and processes. At the same time, the members of the editorial board prefer anti-capitalist and internationalist ideas as well as materialist analysis of society.

You can contact us through: editors.commons@gmail.com


Editorial team



 Taras Bilous

 historian, Kyiv  

Олександр Кравчук.jpg


 Alexander Kravchuk

 economist, Kyiv

Вікторія Мулявка.jpg                                



 Viktoriia Muliavka

 sociologist, Warsaw



Editorial board



Denis Gorbach

sociologist, Paris



Yuriy Dergunov

sociologist, Donetsk



Oksana Dutchak

socioligist, Kyiv



Alona Liasheva

sociologist, Lviv



Denis Pilash

political scientist, Kyiv



Stas Serhiyenko

historian, Berlin


Артем Тідва.jpg


Artem Tidva

economist, Kyiv



Vyacheslav Tsyba

philosopher, Kyiv




Online journal of social criticism 'Commons' is an independent non-profit edition, which exists at the expense of readers' donations and grant support. Each of your contributions promotes publications of original texts of Ukrainian authors, translations of foreign articles, as well as printing of hard copies of our issues.

We are grateful to everyone who supports our intentions to explore the world around and make it a better place!

The transfer of charitable donations can be carried out as follows:

On the PrivatBank card:

hryvnia: 5168 7422 2998 0812
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Dollar: 4731 2127 0060 9166

Through the WebMoney Transfer system:

hryvnia: U 2396 9203 1991
euro: E 0228 8932 8105
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Through the Yandex money system: 410015033097290

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