• 01 March 2000
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The Journal of social criticism 'Commons' is a Ukrainian left intellectual edition, founded in 2009. We cover a wide range of topics, such as Ukrainian and international politics, economics, education and science, ecology, gender, culture, etc. using a powerful tools of modern critical social theories.

During the existence of the Journal, we introduced to the Ukrainian audience a large number of progressive Ukrainian authors, as well as hundreds of articles from well-known foreign scholars and publicists. 'Commons' publishes rewiewed analytical articles, interviews, reports, blogs with a subjective view of current events. In addition to regular publications on the site, we publish printed issues of "thick jornal" devoted to specific socio-economic problems and topical political processes.

'Commons' Journal is a non-commercial edition not affiliated with any political party or organization. We are open to authors with different perspectives that offer interesting ideas and socio-critical analysis of current events and processes. At the same time, the members of the editorial board prefer anti-capitalist and internationalist ideas as well as materialist analysis of society.

You can contact us through: editor@commons.com.ua


Editorial board



   Volodymyr Artyukh

social anthropologist, Budapest


   Taras Bilous

    historian, Lviv  

Юрій Дергунов.jpg


   Yuriy Dergunov

   sociologist, Donetsk

Костянтин Задирака.jpg


   Kostyantyn Zadiraka

   political scientist, Кyiv

Володимир Іщенко.jpg


   Volodymyr Ishchenko

   sociologist, Kyiv


   Maxim Kazakov

   historian, Kyiv

Олександр Кравчук.jpg


   Alexander Kravchuk

   economist, Kyiv

Альона Ляшева.jpg


   Alona Liasheva

   sociologist, Kyiv

Вікторія Мулявка.jpg


   Viktoriia Muliavka

   sociologist, Warsaw

Денис Пілаш.jpg


   Denis Pilash

   political scientist, Kyiv

Артем Тідва.jpg


   Artem Tidva

   economist, Kyiv

Олексій Якубін.jpg

   Oleksiy Yakubin

   political scientist, Kyiv