Demining of Ukraine's Territory: Time, Resources, Risks

Vitalii Atanasov

Contamination of Ukraine's territory with landmines and unexploded ordnance due to Russia's full-scale invasion has reached unprecedented levels, resulting in the creation of the most extensive minefields in the history of warfare. In areas where these explosive mines are present, human casualties, including children, are inevitable. Addressing this colossal issue will demand years, if not decades, and substantial resources for effective cleanup. 

This prompts the question: What measures and methods is Ukraine currently employing to eliminate landmines?

About Ukraine the Possible Podcast

The Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine is a war of aggression by a fossil fuel empire, so the peoples of Ukraine have no choice but to resist. In the podcast, we discuss the war and its impact, as well as the historical context of transformations, crises and inequality. Despite the tragedy, Ukrainian society has demonstrated its ability to dialogue and cooperate, and its potential for a more just, inclusive and diverse future. And this future requires international solidarity.

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Authored by Vitalii Atanasov. He is a journalist and researcher, editor of Digital Capitalism and Internet Utopias, author of “Anthropogen” podcast. Lives in Kyiv, Ukraine

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