«Dialogues of the Peripheries» project: how to find common ground with other countries of the Global South?


"One of the problems is that we are perceived as part of the West, which colonized and exploited other countries."

In March, our editorial team initiated a special project aimed at finding a common language and ways of support between the countries of the periphery.

- Why should such a dialogue form the basis for reforming and strengthening new global security guarantees?

- Why should Ukraine shift its focus from a Eurocentric discourse to gain broad support?

- What mistakes does Ukrainian diplomacy make and what fundamental things do politicians fail to understand when seeking support in the Global South?

- And what could unite the countries of the periphery to fight against different imperialisms?

Listen to the English-language episode of the podcast "Too Long, Didn't Read" with our journal editor, historian, and serviceman of Ukrainian Armed Forces Taras Bilous. And follow the new publications of the "Dialogues of the Periphery" special project on our website.

The "Too Long, Didn't Read" podcast is a series of interviews with the authors of the 'Commons' journal discussing their articles, research, as well as their academic, journalistic, and activist experiences during the full-scale Russian invasion.

Podcast guest: Taras Bilous

Hosted by Aliona Lyasheva, editor of Commons Journal, sociologist

Podcast edit: Mark Kulik

Translation and voice acting by Olenka Gu

Cover: Kateryna Gritseva