Dialogues of the peripheries (open call)


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We are looking for authors and publication proposals to a new special project on the global periphery. Please send us your articles or ideas for publications.

What is this special project about?

Ukraine is not a part of the Western world. Moreover, even a victory in the war will not change its peripheral status and will not lead to equal inclusion into “European civilisation”.  

Why do we have such sad prospects? Because this is how capitalism works. Peripheries and fundamental inequalities will exist as long as the world order, based on oppression, exploitation of people and nature, colonialism, etc.

Therefore, resistance to the capitalist system should be a way to find alternative solutions for all countries of the global periphery. To this end, we are initiating a common independent dialogue with activists from different regions, from Latin America to East Asia. 

Within our special project, we will together: 

▪️ explore the common experience of peripheries;

▪️ talk about visions of the future;

▪️ share the story of Ukrainian dependency;

▪️ explain why solidarity with Ukraine is important and relevant in the anti-imperialist struggle;

▪️ raise discussions on alternative security systems that consider the interests of the oppressed. 

We invite everyone to join our dialogue (write to [email protected]).

We offer honorariums for published materials (depending on their format).