Three-Year-Old “Ostarbeiter”: A Story of Maria Tymoshuk


June 22 marks the Day of Mourning and Commemoration of the Victims of the Second World War. Leading up to this significant date, we are sharing stories about the challenging lives of the “Ostarbeiters.”

At just three years old, Maria Tymoshuk and her family were deported to Germany for forced labor. Today, she finds herself reliving her second war in the village of Kulchyn near Kovel (Volyn region). In collaboration with the public organization “After Silence,” dedicated to preserving oral history in Ukraine, we have gathered Maria’s recollections and transformed them into a comic adaptation.




The comic is translated:

- In French: Une "Ostarbeiter" de trois ans : l'histoire de Maria Tymoshuk.

- In German: Ostarbeiterin mit drei: Geschichte von Marija Tymoschuk.

- In Italian: Una "Ostarbeiter" di tre anni: la storia di Maria Tymoshuk.

- In Ukrainian: Трирічна «остарбайтерка»: історія Марії Тимошук.